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About Us

The Cascade Endoscopy Center is an outpatient facility designed to provide excellent cost-effective GI endoscopy services to Lane County and surrounding environs.

In 2003, Dr. Sarah Brendler and Dr. Nathan Markowitz met to discuss how they could enhance their endoscopy service to the community. It was decided that by forming a partnership, the group would be able to improve accessibility to a colon screening program. The partnership was officially formed with Dr. Tran, and in February of 2004, Cascade Endoscopy Center opened its doors to the public.

Since then, new physicians have joined and the Center and others have retired or relocated, but the mission of Cascade Endoscopy Center remains the same.

Cascade Endoscopy Center provides endoscopic services in a high quality, specialty focused facility. We strive to give the patient a personalized care approach through the endoscopic experience. Please contact our staff for further assistance or feedback.