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At Cascade Endoscopy Center, our team of professionals is focused on your safety and comfort. Central to this effort is our group of highly trained and experienced Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) who will carefully evaluate your health history, monitor you during the procedure, administer a personalized sedation plan tailored to your procedure and medical status, and supervise your recovery from anesthesia. A CRNA will meet with you before your procedure to answer questions and discuss the plan for your sedation.

Cascade Endoscopy Center is a separate business from Oregon Medical Group, as well as Springfield Anesthesia Associates, and any laboratories that may be utilized for your procedure. Please keep in mind that you may be receiving up to four bills for your procedure.

As is customary, the fees for professional anesthesia services are separate from the surgery center fees (analogous to the professional fees of your physician and pathology charges, if necessary). Most health insurance plans cover the fees for anesthesia services. In the event that your insurance carrier doesn’t cover the fees for your anesthesia services, alternative self-payment arrangements can be made with Springfield OR Anesthesia Associates, LLC at